For your budget-friendly UAV needs, apply to our rental solutions!

We are creating a fast solution for your needs with our UAV rental service in order to eliminate your problems due to the high cost of procurement of UAV Systems in one item, determining the technical specifications of the system that will meet the need, approving the necessary budget, planning and prolonging the procurement procedures.

Thus; we are offering the opportunity to benefit from UAVERA products and technologies by getting ahead of problems such as operator employment, simultaneous flights in different locations, maintenance, sustainment, and storage.

İHA Kiralama
  • Products and Services Included in the Rental

    The right to use all the following materials for the specified period: ÇAĞATAY 50 VTOL UAV (2 Pieces)

    Mobile GCS (2 Pieces)

    Communication System (Tracking Antenna) (2 Pieces)

    UAV BASE Package (1 Unit)

    Product Insurance (Casco)

    3. Individual Financial Liability Insurance (Authorized Personnel)

    Materials to be used in 50 and 200-hour maintenance

    600 hours of factory level maintenance (including parts and workmanship)**

    Operator and Technician Training (3 people)

    Critical Spare Parts (Consignment)


    Software and System updates (carried out at 600 Hours of Maintenance)

    Integration of Disposable Loads into the System ***

    * Valid during the Rental Period.

    ** Limited to flight time stated in the rental contract

    *Valid for rentals for 12 months or longer

  • Excluded Costs

    Fuel and Oil costs

    Disposable Load

    Travel and accommodation, subsistence and accommodation expenses of trainees

    Maintenance/repair costs out of the scope of Planned Maintenance, Warranty and Insurance

    Logistics, transportation, cargo expenses

    Uses in excess of the permitted flight time specified in the rental contract


All costs turn into operating expenses. There is no initial investment cost.

The institution does not have storage and stock management responsibilities.

Decision-making and contract signing processes are expedited.

The monthly cost is fixed and it does not change .

Systems have higher active time.

The institution always uses the latest technology. (System updates are free of charge)

Increasing or decreasing the number of systems in use can be done very easily.

Even during rental, the system configuration can be changed.

On-site spare part stock is provided.

There are back-ups for all systems.

Additional engineering and integration services are provided free of charge.*

*Valid for rentals longer than 12 months