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UAVERA Aviation Systems; provides services under the Çoşkunöz Holding with the vision of creating a synergy with the human and financial capital, R&D, public and private sector institutions and organizations of our country in key technologies and using this synergy to develop and manufacture technology-leader domestic products and to take place in the UAV market of the world.

Our company, with the mission of being a unique business in terms of development speed, knowledge, and human resources, thanks to its peaceful and open working environment with happy and high-energized, long-term employees, who prefer and embrace the company, aims to manage in an integrated system connected to each other by positioning Human Resources management at the center of business strategies and implementing all HR practices.

With this perspective, keeping our Human Resources processes at the center of our business priorities and targets;

  • We aim to be in an approach of shaping business processes within the scope of SG principles and responsibilities,
  • Centering on employee happiness and being people-oriented,
  • Believing in the success of teamwork with the awareness of ""one for all"",
  • Being able to integrate new developments into the company culture with the awareness of continuous learning,
  • Providing training opportunities for our employees to improve themselves and increase their personal skills,
  • Serving the welfare of the society with individuals who have a high sense of responsibility towards individual, social and environmental problems and constantly improving our practices in line with these purposes.
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Generetion Coşkunöz(Gen-C)

GEN-C is the young talent program of Coşkunöz Holding. Its aim is to contribute to the formation of an innovative, leader, entrepreneurial, investigative, analytical, dynamic generation that carries the values of Coşkunöz in their genes and is independent of generation descriptions.

Generation Coşkunöz (Gen-C) is a young talent program that consists of 2 different fields, namely R&D graduation project and project-based program, organized for senior university students and newly graduates.


  • It is for senior students of engineering faculties.
  • It is carried out within the scope of graduation projects that last for an academic year.
  • The topics of the graduation projects can be proposed by Coşkunöz Holding or can be determined by the participants
  • The applications that are made in the beginning of the senior year term are evaluated with face-to-face interviews and suitable candidates are included in the process.


  • It is for senior students of universities and newly graduate.
  • It is a project-based program, which lasts for 2-6 months and is organized according to the topic titles determined by Coşkunöz Holding.
  • There are project-oriented technical trainings and personal development trainings .
  • Participants can take the opportunity to attend the Sharing Experience Meetings of the senior managers and expand their vision.
  • Candidates who meet the application criteria are evaluated by evaluation center applications and suitable candidates are included in the process.
  • Participants carry out a project with a guide from the department they are in during the program and make a presentation at the end of the program.


It is the Scholarship and Student Development program realized by the Coşkunöz Education Foundation, which is one of the most long-established foundations in Turkey, for the 3rd and 4th-year students of engineering faculties in order to bring qualified manpower to the production sector.